Tip #6 – Develop Leaders (Current and Future)

Leadership Development is one of the most important aspects of creating a world-class organization. Great initiatives are useless if there’s a disconnect between what leaders say, how leaders act, and what employees see. In fact, you can actually do more damage if you don’t “walk the talk”.

Leadership Development is not what most people typically think. Management is the things we do (the age-old functions of Plan, Organize, Staff, Direct and Control). Leadership is who we are and how we act. When most people think of the best boss they ever had, they don’t think of someone who was a great planner or a great organizer. They typically think of that person’s character traits. Traits such as:









Results oriented/“no excuses”

Ego directed toward team accomplishments

These characteristics are actually the Servant Leadership characteristics that we teach as part of the P3 Leadership approach.

The following is our approach:

Foundation – education on Servant Leadership concepts and practices

Feedback – conduct a 360o Servant Leadership characteristics survey

Friction – development of specific tactics to improve low scoring items

Follow-up – frequent review of progress toward improvement

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