PEOPLE are the core of any organization. All too often, leaders spend an inordinate amount of time on financial performance, neglecting their employees. Our belief is that if more time were spent on engaging employees, leaders could spend less time focusing on the bottom-line. Employees have a vested interest in the overall success of the organization. After all, if the organization doesn’t do well, they aren’t proud of where they work and their job security is jeopardized.


So, the question we must ask ourselves as leaders is “why aren’t our employees engaged?” Too often the answer is they sense a disconnect between what leaders seem to want and what they want.


The P3 Leadership approach reconnects employees with leaders and the organization.


How do we do that? By focusing on reframing leaders’ thinking. If we focus first on employee engagement, all other things (customer satisfaction, quality product, financial performance and business growth) will follow. If employees feel that leaders truly care about them, they will give their hearts, minds and dedication to the organization.


Let’s say you have 5,000 employees. Imagine for a moment how powerful it would be if every one of them cam to work each day engaged, fired up, and inspired to do the very best they could. Contrast that with an environment where employees come to work with the attitude of just making it through the day with as little effort as possible.


Which one do you want?