Tip #2 – Operationalize the Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV)

Given that the MVV tend to be somewhat theoretical or philosophical, it is important to develop Critical Success Factors (CSF) that can be measured, tracked, monitored, and communicated on a monthly basis. Goals, outcome measures, and due dates should be developed for the CSF. As the CSF are rolled out, special attention should be made to make sure everyone in the organization realizes that the CSF are tied to the MVV and are the “proof” that the MVV are being accomplished. The following graphic is a great way to do that:

In the above example, you’ll notice that the CSF are People, Service, Quality, Financial and Growth. These are great areas to focus on and are easy to measure and communicate. You don’t have to use these exact categories, but it’s important to understand why we use them. The way we communicate the CSF is as follows:



Everything starts with People. If you have engaged, fired-up and motivated people coming to work every day, wanting to do their best, the Customer Service will be better and the Quality of the product will be higher. If you’re doing those 3 things well, the Financial results will take care of themselves. And, if you’re doing those 4 things well, Growth will occur because there will be increased demand for your product and you will have the financial resources necessary to grow.  Tip #3 will discuss further operationalization of the MVV