Pensacola News Journal

August 9, 2015


P3 Leadership

John and Pollyanna Heer have announced the creation of P3 Leadership LLC, to address the demand for leadership development in organizations, large and small.

Drawing from a 28-year career in healthcare administration, during which Heer served as president of Baptist Hospital Inc. from 2000 to 2004, P3 Leadership helps organizations striving for world-class performance and results. As a three-time Baldrige National Quality Award recipient, Heer is qualified to coach leadership teams to achieve stellar performance and results in employee engagement, customer service, quality, financial performance and business growth.

The P3 Leadership approach focuses on:

  • People — the most important part of any organization. Nothing can be accomplished without people.
  • Purpose — every organization has a reason for being, or mission. Connecting the employee’s purpose with the organization’s will create unparalleled momentum.
  • Passion — is created when employees’ hearts are connected with the organization.

Components of the P3 Leadership approach include leadership development, servant leadership implementation and employee engagement. As a result of this innovative approach, these components can be implemented individually or in total.